5 Star Reviews Are Rolling In, Aero® launches into Amazon US, Canada, and Europe 


Austin, Texas - September 6, 2019 - Aero® has officially launched into Amazon US, Canada, and Europe enabling us to reach a worldwide population. 

5 Star Reviews Are Rolling In

The verified review system by Amazon, positive or negative provides us with crucial insight. It's product proof reinforcement for the prospective customer and also serves as a critical analysis for our formulations. So far we're getting exciting reviews and we hope to continue to have a positive impact as we reach more people. View our listing Aero® Amazon.

A Message From The Founder

"Aero® is already getting great feedback from customers. It works for me and I know the research is sound and backed by clinical tested data. It's encouraging to see the 5 star reviews. I take the feedback very seriously and will make adjustments if I notice commonalities with customer responses," said Founder, Tony Bonello.

Our Next Steps

We will continue to build a great Amazon experience for our customers. We have future plans to launch into other countries such as Australia, India, and the Middle East to name a few on our expansion list. The next time you visit Amazon.com, be sure to look up Aero® allergy drink mix.