Aero® Launches its Brand into Retail Giant H-E-B Statewide throughout Texas


Austin, Texas - September 13, 2019 - Aero® has officially launched into H-E-B throughout the State of Texas. H-E-B is the largest independent grocery retailer in the United States and has been the staple marketplace for many generations of Texans.

This is a great opportunity for Aero® to showcase an alternative product to help combat a major airborne allergen issue within the Lone Star State.

Texas is infamous for respiratory irritants such as cedar, ragweed, and oak pollen. There are several cities in Texas that rank top in the nation for most challenging places to live with allergies.

The Facts

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (, McAllen, Texas was ranked #1 for most challenging places to live with fall and spring allergies for 2018.

A Message From The Founder

"We're proud to have Aero® on the shelves at H-E-B. We have been working with H-E-B for several years with our sister brand Honey Badger®. H-E-B has a top-notch operation and great support staff dedicated to helping customers within the Healthy Living aisle. This is what sets them apart from other retailers," said Founder, Tony Bonello. 

Where To Find Aero®?

You can find Aero® in the Herbs section of the Healthy Living aisle where you'll find other seasonal and immune support products. Look for the pure blue Aero packaging or ask one of the many helpful H-E-B representatives that are dedicated to the Healthy Living aisle.